Monday, July 21, 2008

Wildfire scooter update

The web address for the company that made my buddy's scooter is He says he now has 600 miles on it with only a few hiccups, one being the fuel system won't use an entire tank of gas. He says it starts to sputter at about 3/4 tank. The dealer said they'd be able to look at it, and I hope for his sake that he can get it fixed.

The price of their scooters is really tempting, but I think I'd rather plunk down a few hundred dollars more for the peace of mind that comes with owning a known brand.

Anyway, My buddy and I caught breakfast this morning at the Dunkin' Donuts in Leola this a.m.. Was kinda nice. We hadn't gotten a chance to sit and chat for a couple weeks.

I then scooted over to Domaki Leathers (sorry, no website), in Leola to window shop for a leather jacket. I'd like to get some skin protection for the fall and winter. They had some nice jackets for under $300, with vents even. I hesitate to spend the money, but then, I also shudder when I consider what a bad case of road rash would feel like.

After that, I stopped at Trans Am cycle in Lititz. I wanted to see if they could give me some info on a 200cc Kymco "People S" scooter. The guy asked if I had my M class yet, when I said I was still working on that, he got kinda huffy and said I needed to do that before I do anything else. Sheesh. Ever hear of research buddy? Whenever I consider a big purchase, I always take my time. Sure, I know I will need my M class to get a bigger scooter. I figured that much out; however, I also want to make sure I know my options so I have informatin to work with when I am ready to upgrade.

As much as I think I want that particular scooter, I don't think I want to buy from them. It's not the first time I've gotten poor customer service there. I've gone in twice before to browse. The second time I went in, I asked about a Yamaha Majesty they had, and the guy said, something like "you don't want one of those, you want a Burgman. We've sold that one already anyway." He then wandered off and nobody else came to assist me with my browsing, so I left.

On the other hand, I've had really good customer service from B&B Yamaha. They never act like they are too busy to show you something, even if you are only interested in the cheapest scooter or dirt bike they have. Maybe it's the location, I don't know. I really recommend B&B to anyone who might be lookin' for a scoot, motorbike, ATV or whatever.

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Anonymous said...

I have been to B&B Yamaha on 4 separate occasions and every time I never got so much a glance. I refuse to ever go back in there ever again.