Monday, July 28, 2008

A sad farewell...

Well, today, I got up at 5:15, scooted to work, gave meds to the men at the home, then went grocery shopping. I got a really good price on some lamb chops so I picked them up while I was at Oregon Dairy. I got back to the home and did some piddly work that needed to be done, then went home to make the chops for my son. We had a nice lunch, watched some Airwolf on Netflix, then he went to the local pool for a while. It was a nice day all told.

After that, I fiddled around a bit on a couple different forums and then my wife came home. I had found someone's day-timer on the side of the road, so I let my wife relax on the couch a while and scooted to the borough office to give them the day timer so they could give it to the police. Since I didn't really want to go home yet, I scooted down the road and popped in at Lancaster Toyota. My wife had been looking at one of the Rav4's there, so I went in and talked to Harold (one of the salesmen), explained my situation, and everything went downhill from there. My poor sporty two-door has been traded in on a small SUV.

-Pause for a moment of silence -

So, in farewell, I post a picture of my beloved beater. May she not end up on a scrap heap in the too-near future.

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