Thursday, May 7, 2015

Spring is finally here!

It took its time, but Spring has arrived in force. The trees are in bloom and the weather is finally good enough to encourage daily riding. 

It's somewhat of a difficult choice these days since I have two vehicles that I enjoy equally, but today was different. Today is the National Day of Prayer and the Christian Motorcyclist Association arranged a group prayer ride around Lancaster county.

We met at the Sheetz on Oregon Pike, just off route 30 and I joined up with the Western Lancaster county group. The route took us through New Holland, Terre Hill, Adamstown, Denver, Ephrata, and Akron. We stopped for about half an hour in each borough to pray for each community, then rode to East Petersburg for the final staging to ride into the Day of Prayer event at the WJTL Radio, "Junction Center."

The event was imense. There were many hundreds of people there, perhaps over a thousand, and the speaker; Ravi Zacharias, was amazing. He's one of those people that is very intelligent, yet he puts out so much information that it's difficult to process it all at once. What stood out to me most was when he said something about reaching out to the hand of God in the darkness and learning to trust.

After the message, it was time to head home. The scoot was parked in, but it gave me more time to chat with some of the other riders.

All in all, a wonderful day. I'm feeling drained, but rejuvenated all at once.