Thursday, July 24, 2008


Well, despite having to run to K-mart to buy a new set of socket wrenches because I didn't have anything big enough to take off the Oil filter plug, I was able to change the oil pretty easily. It's actually a ton easier than it is in my car. Ugh, that's a pain the hindquarters since the oil filter is way up in a hard to get to place on a Cavalier. Really poor design if you ask me, but not so with the scoot.

I think I'll do some research for the best oil to use in the Vino. It takes 10w-40, but I'd like to get a decent brand that will help extend the life of the engine. I used Castrol this time. I suppose oil is oil because it has to meet certain standards, but I'm wondering if synthetics have value in small engines, and so on.

In any event, my son and I went for a ride after I finished the oil change. It kills my fuel efficiency when he rides, but I think it's worth a little wasted fuel to see him smile.

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Joe said...

My hat is off to you for now being a few light years ahead of me. I'd no sooner try to change the oil in my scooter than I'd attempt do dental or surgical work on myself.