Thursday, April 25, 2013

Back...again...A real pain

It's a Thursday afternoon, and I can't stand. At least not for very long. The injury from work in November has come back to haunt me. So, I'm watching Top Gear on BBC America while I try to find someone to cover my shift at work.

I think the best episode of Top Gear is the Vietnam special from season 12. In this episode, they ride motorbikes north through Vietnam. The countryside is beautiful and the bikes they ride are fantastic; an aging Vespa, an old Honda Supercub, and an ancient Minsk.

The gifts they get for each other are funny as well, not to mention the suits they purchase.

What strikes me most in this episode is not so much the countryside as the people. There are still reminders of the war, some forty years later, but the people live on and make the most of life.

If I ever have the chance, I wouldn't mind visiting some of these far away places. In a way, I get to enjoy some of the experience. Here in Lancaster county, there is equally beautiful countryside.

And sometimes the sunrises are amazing. The above photo was taken after working an overnight while riding home on my scooter.

I've applied for a transfer at work. There's an opening at the art gallery that Friendship Community runs. The opening is for an art instructor, and it would be a perfect fit for my skills, not to mention that it would be easier on my back. There's the added bonus that I ride a scooter, which means I must be qualified because artsy people ride scooters. Isn't that an accepted fact? I'm only kidding of course.

Well, I must stop here, I've taken a muscle relaxant and can feel it starting to take effect.

Ride safe.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Long hiatus

It's been an interesting winter. I rode very little since I injured my back at work on the last day of November. It has been so cold that with the back pain and the weather, riding hasn't been all that comfortable. To add further complications, I injured my shoulder about a month ago, again at work. Despite my best intentions, the scooter sat in my driveway much of the winter, only getting out on the road three or four times.

Then, last week, the weather started to get nice again. The scoot's battery got a little top off from the tender, and a fill-up at the gas station, and we set off again together. Then, this morning, my riding buddy and I set out to do some errands.

We went to the bank and the post office and Maggie got all sorts of attention in her little pouch. She loved riding with me, probably in part because she was cuddled in front of me, and partly because she was able to enjoy the wind. I still need to get her some doggles, but with the windscreen protecting her already, I think she's safe enough for now on the short little rides we've attempted.

So, another riding season is upon us. A little later than I would have liked, but there's not much to be done about things that are out of our control. It's good to have my back mostly feeling better and to have weather that allows for a pleasant ride.

Let the sun shine down upon us and the road stretch out to the horizon ahead.