Sunday, February 13, 2011

Winter blitz

I haven't written much this winter, but quite honestly, there hasn't been much to say.

It's been very cold. So cold that on more than one occasion, the scoot would not start. It simply protested and spluttered, but would not turn over for me. Riding has been utilitarian only. Even today, I will admit, I chose to use the wife's car to get to work, despite the 40+ degree temps.

The cover I bought last fall has been very effective and invaluable what with the ice and snow we've gotten this year. I do ride most days, despite the snow and cold, but it's not as pleasant as riding in warmer weather.

Today was the first day in a while that I can recall seeing more than one other rider, and rarely even that. About two weeks ago there was a squid on his rice rocket buzzing down Petersburg road at 100 mph (just a wild guess, but he was a blur) in 20 degree weather, but other than that, I've seen few other bikes, until today.

Today I saw four or five.

The Sabre sits in a friend's enclosed porch, out of the elements, waiting for pleasant weather, which should appear this week, but until it warms up to 50 degrees or more, it will stay where it is, and the scooter will remain the ride of choice.

Having a scooter has saved me a huge chunk on gas, and insurance. It's not, perhaps, the easiest vehicle to ride year round, but the benefits have outweighed the negatives. I do want a truck eventually, simply for the utility of having such a vehicle, but for now, the mighty scooter will keep ferrying me back and forth.