Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gas and go...

It's one of the main talking points in the news again, just as it was three years ago. Gas is getting pricey again, by U.S. standards at least.

Another phenomenon has re-surfaced as well; folks are asking me questions about my scooter and talking about getting one for themselves.

Gas may not be as expensive here as it is in other parts of the world, but when you've only got so much budget to work with, spending above a dollar more per gallon than we were a year ago can make things interesting.

While it's not really the reason I own the scoot, it's sure nice to look at a $5.00 total instead of a $40.00 total when I stop at the gas pump. Filling up my wife's car threatens to send me into a panic, but the scooter, and to some extent, the cycle, are far less stressful at the pump.

My hope is that with this new surge of interest in scooters (and motorbikes) will come an influx of riders and fewer cagers. While there will be a learning curve for these new riders, I will cross my fingers and trust that they will come to enjoy their new mode of transport, thereby evening the odds against the crazies who want to kill us with their large steel and plastic enclosures.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring's inexhorable March

There are few times of year that I find myself longing for as much as spring since I started riding a scooter. Winter riding, while necessary for me with my limited vehicular options, is not necessarily enjoyable most of the time, especially this past winter which seemed colder than other more recent winters.

Despite the rain outside, it appears the groundhog may have been right this year and we have ourselves an early spring. For the last three weeks, I rode the Sabre almost exclusively, leaving my scooter under the protective cover of a friend's enclosed porch. I was unable to get my scooter back until a week ago, but have been using it again due to recurrent rain. I am so very thankful for that full fairing.

Today was a balmy 52 degrees, but very wet, so the Sabre sits neglected once again while I ride my trusty 9 horses to work.

The onset of warm weather has me longing for another sunny day to either meander along country roads with the sun on my back whilst astride my trusty Kymco, or to blast down the highway or around some local twisties upon my Sabre.

The fever of spring is upon me.