Friday, August 1, 2008

One small step for me...

Not really significant to mankind in general though. I passed my M class permit test today. Now all I need to do is go through the MSP and I'll have my motorcycle license, which means I'll be able to get a bigger scooter.

I took my family up to Speedwell Forge today for some fishing. Well, my son and I did the fishing. My wife sat in the shade and read. She's not really into the whole hunter-gatherer thing. We didn't catch anything, but the lake was breathtakingly beautiful.

We stopped at a farm stand on the way back and picked up some corn and watermelon for supper. Then after supper I went for a scoot.

I had at first thought to go to a motor-sports dealer in Red-Lion, but decided I wasn't really up for that long of a ride, so I stopped in at B&B Yamaha to see if they had anything. There were only two scooters in the place and both of them were Schwinns. Unfortunately most of what I've read about Schwinn scooters has been less than positive. They are basically a Chinese built scooter with the quality (*cough*) that we have come to expect from China.

Since they didn't have anything interesting to look at, I decided to wander around a bit and found myself crossing an Idylic covered bridge over Chickees Creek. I stopped to shoot a picture with my Blackberry and made sure to get my scoot in the shot. It really was a nice evening to be outdoors.

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Joe said...

A hearty congratulations on your having passed the notorious book test on which I didn't fare so well the first time around. Check around for the MSP courses. They fill up fast and will be ending in the fall. Good luck!