Saturday, April 25, 2009

A visit from Rover

The authentic ScootDawg has arrived. I am part of a "baton passing" initiated by a gentleman on the forums. The idea is to pass Rover from person to person, preferably transfering him via scooter, until he has made his way across the country. He will collect memorabilia on his journey until he finally reaches the end. So far he's made it through four or five folks and spent much of the winter in New Jersey. He made it to Philly two weeks ago, and now he is with me.

We went around a bit of Lancaster county with my son carrying rover on the scoot.
He is pictured above at the Strasburg Railroad.

Touring around Amish Country.

And our final stop of the day, tromping around Lititz, PA

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David said...

hehe that's cute