Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday journeys

Last night I set my alarm for 7:30. This morning I hit the snooze nine times. I know this because my Blackberry snoozes for 10 minutes and I didn't get up until 9:00. Well, as they say, “the best intentions of mice...” (my more geeky readers will get that reference).

After making this morning's blog entry, I headed to Northampton, MA, and wandered around a bit. I purchased a bottle of green tea from a Dunkin' Donuts. There was a Vespa parked out front, which is the singular reason I stopped there.

I eventually made my way to Valley Motorsports, where a kindly gentleman helped me find a bottle of Amsoil. Unfortunately, they didn't have scooter oil specifically, but motorcycle oil will work. The differences are minimal enough as to not matter at all, I just prefer to use scooter oil because I do. How's that for logical reasoning? Don't question my OCD tendencies and I won't question yours!

Moving on...

The Silver streak then carried me to the grounds of the Church building where I attended school from kindergarten to fourth grade. The Church is still there but the school closed 24 years ago. I knocked on the door to the parsonage, and the pastor was more than willing to give me the grand tour. The building seems so small, of course, things look a lot bigger when you're three feet tall. I spoke with one of the ladies who had been involved with the school. It was nice to see someone I had not seen since I was ten years old.

After leaving the Church property, I made my way down S.R. 66 to Westhampton. I took some pictures of the Congregational Church and made my way back to where I now sit. Outlook Farms is a little general store/deli in Westhampton Mass.. They have a few tables and a booth, so I sat down for a sandwich. One italian sausage sandwich (with mustard and horseradish) later, and I am unfit to be around civilized people. Which is just fine with me.

I think I will hop back on the scooter and find civilized people just so I can annoy them.

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