Thursday, May 14, 2009

Riding in the woods

I love woodlands in the spring just after a rain. The sound of water dripping off the leaves. The sun filtering through the trees. Flowering trees and shrubs everywhere one looks. It's all very peaceful.


I was riding up in the northern part of the county this evening and happened to be caught in a storm, and was therefore able to view the splendor of the post-rain woodlands.


The woods here seem to be full of dogwood. I've always found them to be beautiful. The flowers, or what we percieve as the flowers, seem so pristine.

On my way through Manheim, I saw this moped on a front porch.


One of these days, I will have to pick up a moped of my own. I find them very intriguing. Sure, they are slow, but I love the way they sound, well, the two strokes at least. Some day I will have to get one.

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