Friday, May 8, 2009

Honda strikes again.

Honda has announced that they will be re-introducing the Elite to the United States with a slick new look. It will have a 108cc, liquid cooled, fuel injected engine, which will make it the perfect urban and suburban runabout. It won't be a powerhouse, but it will be a nice upgrade for folks wanting something a step up from 50cc. Heck, if I had the money, I wouldn't mind one myself.

The thing to watch will be Honda's pricing. Judging from their recent pricing changes and the pricing of the SH150i, I'm expecting an MSRP around $3500. I'll be pleasantly surprized if it's less than that.

Thanks to Tortoise on for the heads up on this.

As an addendum, Rawkus23 on made the connection that this appears to be the same as the Lead 110 available in the U.K.. Comparing the two models, it does appear he is correct.

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kz1000st said...

I have to admit it's a pretty thing, but if the cost projection of $3000+ are true, I wouldn't understand it's place in the world. A Genuine International 150 lists for $3200 and is a rocket ship by comparison. Even your People 150 is a cheaper buy and packs more power. Yes, the Honda will last forever, but its boundaries will be limited by its size.