Saturday, May 2, 2009

Gettin' caught in the rain...

Yesterday's forecast promised a fair amount of vertical humidity sometime during the course of the day. I had to go out, so I decided to scoot and just wear my rain gear. I told myself there were some errands I needed to run and made a mental note of them. First I stopped in at Burger King and got some lunch, I then went to the pharmacy and dropped off a prescription (errand 1 complete). I then headed to work to do some odds and ends. About a mile from work, I remembered that I had neglected one of the tasks I had mental notes for, and thought, oh, I'll just get it after I leave work.

I got to work and my rain gear drew some odd looks and comments from the staff there. I'm used to odd looks though as I've spent most of my life being a goofball. That tends to draw a bit of attention.

In any event, after joking about making my way back to the trawler to catch some flounder, I got back on the scoot, and started down the road (errand #2 completed). The rain was sheeting down, but I was ok, despite my gloves getting moist. About a mile away from work, the scoot started spluttering and spitting, then died. I then realized I should have taken care of that last errand first...getting gas. Oops. Well, After pushing the scoot to a gas station and getting my shoes and gloves thoroughly soaked (the rest of me was warm and dry thanks to the rain gear), I got to a garage and they let me have some gas to get me to a station. All they asked is that I refill the 1 gallon gas can.

So, after putting enough gas in to start the scoot, I went to the closest Sheetz and filled it up the rest of the way, and topped off the borrowed gas can, which I promptly returned.

Through this experience, I discovered that rain gear is nice, but waterproof gloves would be a good addition, and I might want to take my gas gauge a little more seriously when it's pointing at the E.


kz1000st said...

Since scooters don't require the same workout as motorcycles you might also want to think about Totes boots for you feet. I don't know if they make them anymore but they're compact,keep your feet dry and slip over shoes easily.

Joe said...

Another Sheetz customer! I love those places. They're always cheerful with their vibrant colors and a pleasant staff that's a good step above the stoners working the drive-thru at the burger joints.

- Joe at Scootin' da Valley