Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Scooter Turtle Rescue!

After work this morning, I went over to Bainbridge, PA, and BMA cycles; the closest SYM dealer. They didn't have a CityCom 300i in stock, but they did have a Symba. It's a nice looking bike, though it's not really a scooter since the engine is mounted to the frame rather than the swingarm. at 100cc, it should be a peppy urban and suburban commuter, though rural use would probably be limited to the intrepid few. At $2600, the Symba is priced a little higher than might be appropriate, but, with it's retro styling...uh...classic styling...(retro would indicate a design that harkens back to an older style, but the Symba is essentially, the SuperCub, which is an old design)

The Symba they had in front of the shop was missing something. I'm wondering if my reader can guess what it was.

After leaving Bma cycles, I scooted off toward Elizabethtown. I saw a very rustic barn in an idylic setting. It perfectly embodied the rural charm of this area.

I then scooted off through Mount Joy toward home. I passed Lancaster County Bible Church on Mount Joy Road, and saw a funny round rock in the road.

It dawned on me, as I was countersteering past it, that there was a little reptilian head peeking out from inside the "rock." I stopped and turned around, and was able to rescue the small turtle from the middle of the road, just before a tractor trailer bore down on it.

I carried him the short distance to Chiques Creek and set him on the muddy bank. With a slight nudge, he slid on into the creek and buried himself in the mud.

So, I got to see a cool looking motorbike, and I did my good deed for the day, all in the space of about two hours. It's been a good day so far.

And yes, I washed my hands after touching the turtle.


682202 said...

The Symba would a lot easier to ride if it had foot pegs :)

cpa3485 (JIM) said...

I am guessing that the footpegs are missing, but not sure. A Symba would not be for me, but they are kind of cute.
And good man for rescuing the turtle!

Paul said...

Good eyes to both of you. The gentleman I spoke with said that when they received the crate from the factory, the box with the foot pegs was missing and that they should be receiving replacements in about a week.

And I'm sure the turtle was grateful as well. :-D

Lee said...

This looks like the Honda Passport I had way back when. That was a 70cc and was very nice to ride and easy on the pocketbook.
But, of course, mine had footpegs, and didn't fall apart the first year.

Paul said...

It is essentially the same bike as the Passport, yes, but with a 100cc engine. SYM is a Taiwanese manufacturer who started making honda 50's (Honda Supercub) for Honda way way back (one of the original subcontractors) and there is a very good possibility that they were the company that built your Passport for Honda.