Thursday, June 4, 2009

Rained on my parade...

Well, I'd planned to have done some more test riding over the last few days, but the inclement weather has made that impossible. I'm hoping to go up to Lebanon tomorrow if it dries up some, but my Weatherbug is telling me that tomorrow will be rainy as well.

I've gotten some good input from a few other folks, and I've enjoyed the two rides I've taken so far.

I discovered a little something about my "waterproof" gloves. they only work if water does not get in at the cuff. They are designed to fit over the cuff's of one's raincoat, but that is only effective if one's hands are above one's elbows. Since my scooter's handlebars are somewhat low, the rain went right down my sleeves into my gloves.

This occurred in a torrential downpour that started just as I left for work on Tuesday and stopped just as I arrived. Isn't it amazing how that happens? In any event, when I arrived at work, my waterproof gloves were waterlogged, rain had dribbled off my chin and down my neck into my rain coat, and had run down my rain pants into my shoes, which were drenched.

Now that I know this, I have been careful to put the cuffs of my jacket over the cuffs of the gloves. I've also tried to make sure that the cuffs of my pantlegs sit over the top of my shoes rather than off center. That worked very well today. I traveled home from work in a steady rain and arrived at home dry and comfortable, right down to my toes.

As soon as I get an opportunity to test some other scoots, I'll pass along what I find.


kz1000st said...

Go and find a Piaggio dealer Paul. According to Cycle World the BV 250 Tour with 16" wheels is a rocket and does about 85 mph up top for the reasonable sum of $4900. Then you can hang out with the Vespa crowd and drink cappuccino and eat croissants while sneering at the great unwashed on un-European scooters.
Of course I think going the used Burgman 400 route is still your best course.

bobskoot said...


I understand what you are saying but I always thought gloves should go "OVER" your cuffs and most gloves are gauntlet type and are expanded a bit. If you put your gloves "UNDER" your cuffs, the blowing rain from unprotected handlebars will get into your jacket while riding, so it's a dilemma either way

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

Lee said...

You haven't lived until you ride a Helix!
I just did some repair work to mine. I really should tear it apart and paint it and fix all the clips that came off from the previous owner.
I did get it on the road last week before the rain. It rides nice.
Good luck in your search for the perfect scooter.