Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lighting project video

Well, I thought there was little more that I could do, but I fiddled some more with my lighting. I changed the red LED's in the top box for white. They are much more visible now as you will be able to see in the video below. They glow brightly, even in broad daylight. The red LED's were barely visible during the day.

I still want to install a fuse box for the system, but I'll have to wait on that. As it is, the LED's are all rated for 12 volts. They draw very little power. I've left them on accidentally for more than 24 hours and the scooter started up with the starter switch without a complaint.

I am still working on ideas for the red LED's I took out of the top case. I think I may drill out some holes in the red reflectors in the back, but I want to ensure that the wires are protected from any debris that might come off the back tire.

Another project for another day I suppose.

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