Saturday, June 27, 2009

More lighting fun

I added some more LED's to my scoot today, and cleaned up the wiring some. The LED's I added were four white high intensity LED's which I installed under the empty amber lenses on the faring. I had to drill a pair of holes in the plastic on each side, after removing the lenses of course. I think it came out very well.

I am pleased with the lights. I purchased them from Advance Auto Parts. The brand name is "Alpena" and they are a preconfigured 12v set. The price for the four LED set was $10.00

They are very bright and visible, even during the day. They are bright enough that they are visible even with the headlight on high beam. It's nice to have a little more visibility, and it cost very little.

I'll probably do a little more tweaking to my existing lights. I want to replace the red LED's in the top case with white LED's since I currently have red LED's behind a red lens, which, if you know anything about light refraction, you know that putting red through red cancels it out. So, I'll put the red LED's in the reflectors where they can be a bit more effective.

Lights are really easy to install. With a little work, it's no trouble to fix up a scooter with all sorts of luminous "bling."

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