Monday, August 1, 2016

The aftermath

Today dawned bright and sunny and I was able to see the scooter in the light of the sun. I'm still a bit sore and probably will be for a few days, but the scoot, well, I'll let you see for yourself. Just off the cuff, I'm going to guess at least $500 worth of damage, and that's a low estimate.

The front fender and right wind deflector are toast.

Then there are the forks themselves. They are at about a five degree angle from each other. This isn't good at all and is causing issues with the front brakes. I see no reason why I can't fix it, but I need access to a shop. I've been told I can do repairs at the shop at YTI, but that's 30 miles away and I have no truck and trailer to get it there.

I've been busy on the job hunting front, and hope to soon have some fruit from my resume carpet bombing efforts. As soon as I have a job, I'll have access to a shop and can do the needed repairs. Of course, this means the Beverly really isn't able to be sold as is, not without selling it at a loss.

There's also the option of parting it out and selling it on E-bay. I'd rather not because I hate to see the machine relegated to the junk-heap of history, but I would easily get the money back that I've put into it that way.

The time for some deep thinking is at hand.

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