Sunday, August 7, 2016

Ride-in, Ride-on, Ride-away

I went to my favorite monthly event today: The Ephrata First Sunday Ride-In.

It was a glorious day for it. The temperature was balmy, the sun was shining, the clouds were...clouding. Maggie wanted to go along of course, but it just so happens that Communion Sunday at church is always on the first Sunday of the month as well. This would work out poorly since Maggie would see everyone else eating a "cookie" and want one for herself. Barking would ensue. Bad dog! Bad bad dog!

So, the dog stayed at home and I went along to the monthly rally. Last month I was halfway across the state and unable to attend, but this month there was no such prohibition. I mounted my trusty steed (with a fresh drive belt), and proceeded off into the sunrise.

There were many many bikes gathered at the American Legion, even as I arrived around 8:30. The lower parking lot had not yet filled up, but it was starting to collect a few examples. I was wandering around with my coffee and had passed close to where the PCX was parked when I heard a familiar voice exclaim, "Isn't that Paul's scooter? It is, I know it is!" I looked over to see a couple of the kids from the class after mine at YTI.

I greeted my two young friends and their companion and we proceeded to chat for a while. It was decided that they were going for a ride out toward Harrisburg. While this was opposite the direction I needed to go to get to Church, I figured there was enough time to go partway with them then turn around, so this is what I did.

Watching their antics I was reminded of what it is to be young and slightly immature, though I am older and extremely immature. after about ten miles, we parted ways and I retraced my steps back through Ephrata and then off toward church in Terre Hill.

After church, I revisited the site of the Ride-in and the parking lot which just a few hours prior had been teeming with chrome and noise, was nearly empty. After recording a final bit of video, the trip home commenced.

So it is that I give you today's vlog, please enjoy:

UPDATE: apparently two of the young men I was riding with crashed a short while after we parted ways and were rushed to Hershey Medical Center. One of them suffered some broken bones but is otherwise ok, the other is unknown at this time.

Photo Credit : Garret Evans

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