Thursday, January 14, 2010

Chilly Commutin'

It's been a cold month so far. Today is the first day that the temp has gotten above freezing this year. Sure, I've been riding to work in the evenings. I'll admit, when my wife doesn't need her car in the mornings, I've been taking it myself, then riding to work in the afternoons.

It's been so cold lately that even while wearing gloves, the cold dry air has been doing a number on my hands, so taking the scoot or the sabre has not been as comfortable as I would like it. Sure, I'm warm enough, but the dryness of the air just seems to suck the moisture out of my skin.

One of my friends has expressed interest in getting a scooter. He and I went looking at Kymcos this morning and he seemed to gravitate to the 125 and 150cc scooters. It was nice to be able to give advice to someone else, especially when I remember my own first scooter purchase.

When I look back on the purchase of my Vino I truly wish I had had another rider whose brain I could have picked so that I would have known what to avoid and what to look for. I loved that little scooter, and I miss it, but I know now that I was ripped off by the dealer in the form of almost $300 in excessive dealer fees, on a scooter that had been sitting in their showroom for three years.

I also know now, that starting on a 50cc isn't necessarily a bad thing, but for the rural roads in this area, they aren't terribly appropriate. I've been passed illegally three times in the last three weeks while driving my wife's car, when I was proceeding at, or slightly above, the posted speed limit, this morning being the most recent occasion.

My friend seemed impressed by the sticker prices and will talk to his wife about the options he saw today. I might take him to the Honda dealer, but he seems to like the Kymco's, particularly the Agility 125's.

Come spring, it looks like I'll have another riding buddy.


ebeing said...

Kymco makes a really good scooter, your friend will be very happy.

here are some links to help you both:

Scooter Parts
Scooter Forum
Scooter News and Reviews

kz1000st said...

Oh no, there is but one scooter forum for answers for all your questions.

Except when a few members are being grumpy and suspicious there is a wealth of knowledge to be had on this site.