Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Busy busy busy

Between work and my church's youth camp, I've been running all over the place. I've gotten a few farm photos, but I left my camera in my wife's car, so I only have the one I got on my phone on Monday.

This barn is right along the road on route 722 (old Oregon Road), in Lititz. There are usually a few sheep milling about, but I think they may have been inside to escape the heat.

I saw this bright yellow Honda Reflex today when my family was visiting McDonald's for a quick bite on the way out to the youth camp. Lately we've been avoiding eating out to save our pennies, but tonight we needed a quick fix.

I like the GIVI trunk on the back. It could hold two of my topcase easily.

Maybe when I eventually get a larger bike or scooter, I'll get a nice topcase like that one, but for now, the one I have works, rattles and all.


Lee said...

I'm thinking of tearing down my Helix this winter and repainting it.
School bus yellow!
What do you think?

Paul said...

eh...maybe not school bus yellow, but a traditional Honda yellow would be nice.