Monday, August 31, 2009

August 31, inspection time

I realized yesterday that the end of the month was upon me. I purchased my People 150 in September, so the Inspection was only good until the end of August...which happens to be today.

Last night I renewed my registration online, and this morning I went for inspection. So, I scrounged up some cash, popped out the door, got to Trans-am in Lititz, and discovered that I had left my registration and insurance on the couch.

So, I went back home, got the items, noticed that my insurance card was outdated (glad I checked), popped in at my insurance agent, then popped over to Lancaster Honda since I didn't want to go all the way back to Lititz (I do a lot of popping it seems).

I waited for a while whilst playing Evony on my netbook, and when I heard the telltale sound of my scooter pulling into the garage. I periodically peeked at the technician while he fussed over the scoot. After a while, he noted a blown bulb in the light for the registration plate. In the process of fixing that, he discovered my homegrown wiring job for my LED lighting. It was funny to watch him puzzle over that. I'm sure he was thinking something akin to, "what the heck! this is a mess!" It is a Monday after all, and he finally figured out that you have to start the motor to get the plate light on.

$29 and some change later I was set to go.

So far, it's almost a year that I've had this machine. It reports over 14,000 on the Odometer (somewhere between kilometers and miles apparently), and runs like a top...except for the spinning part...not a good idea on a scooter.

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