Saturday, June 25, 2016

The fart can and you! (Leo Vince Corsa Exhaust)

Anyone who reads this blog will know that as a rider, I try to make myself noticeable. I often wear bright clothing while riding, have LED lighting on my scooter, and even wear a goofy muppet helmet cover, but in all this, something has been missing. Certainly, being visible is good, but what about being audible? This is something I have tried to remedy.

Enter the dragon. Ok, it's not a dragon, it's a Leo Vince exhaust. It was delivered on Wednesday and I installed it Thursday. I tried to do an install video, but due to some logistics, it didn't work out. I also tried to do some tunnel blasting to get a good sampling of the sound, but that didn't work out either because my phone picks up too much wind noise.

Just the same, the exhaust was successfully installed on my Honda PCX. It came with all the necessary parts, including a new exhaust gasket and a removable baffle/decibel reducer. Following the installation instructions was rather simple and once the bolts were torqued (not quite to full torque just to be safe), it was time to try it out.

I'd go over the list of good and bad with it, but I've already done so in my little YouTube video. Feel free to watch it below:one thing I will add, and I'm sorry for not mentioning this when I first posted this blog entry, the  fuel economy has improved just a hair, which is probably due more to the difference in weight from stock to aftermarket. The stock exhaust is a beast.


kz1000st said...

"Loud Pipes Save Lives" Where have I heard that before. Oh yes, the Harley Sportster crowd. What saves lives is attentive riding. Every study from the Hurt Report on has indicated that. Some Bozo with his sound system turned up to full blast listening to Rap music with his equally noisy piped Honda Civic won't know that a tiny scooter is bearing down on him. Enjoy the sound if that floats your boat Paul but after 40-some years and 200,000 road miles I'm telling you noise is just that-noise.

Paul Smith said...

I'm chuckling reading your comment Jim, only because I do indeed agree with you. I've long felt that the "loud pipes save lives" line was just an excuse to make noise. Personally, I think the noisy pipe is just fun. As I said in the video, it's all about annoying the neighbors (insert grinning emoji here).