Sunday, June 12, 2016

Just around the corner

As many of you know, I wiped out on my Honda PCX150 last December. I'm obviously back on two wheels, but a fellow motorcyclist asked if I'd been back around the corner since the crash. In all honesty, I'd never thought of it.

So I made some time and went back to the scene of the accident. Ironically, I nearly was wiped out by a dude in a pickup truck at the intersection of Colebrook and Mt. Joy roads. I had a green light and was following an antique Mercedes SL drop-top across the road when this truck came blasting toward the intersection slamming on his brakes at the last second. He barely missed me, and wouldn't make eye contact me as I gave him a bit of a glare. At least he didn't wave dismissively like the guy who tried to wipe me out a few weeks ago. 

So anyway, I followed the Mercedes a little further, then stopped for a bit to catch my breath since I wasn't quite over the scare of the near collision. After a few deep breaths, I got back on the road, following another motorcyclist up to Mount Gretna. It was a pretty ride and the near-miss was soon forgotten in the twists and turns of a familiar road. 

So it was that I eventually ended up back in Manheim. Heading south through town, I steeled myself to the task ahead, stopped on the hill to set my camera, then went around the corner. 

As you can see from the video, it wasn't an issue. I apologize for the wind noise. I haven't acquired a recording option that reduces wind noise. 

So, after getting around the corner, I feel no different, but at least I no longer have to worry about whether I can get around it. To top it off, I survived another close call, so win-win.

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