Sunday, June 5, 2016

Rainy days...

We've had a lot of rainy days here in Pennsylvania. We've missed the flooding that has taken lives in Texas. I'd like to say we're blessed, but it's difficult to say such a thing when others are suffering physically and emotionally.

Yesterday we were supposed to be rained on fairly heavily, but the wife and I went to the northern tip of the Chesapeake bay, where the fresh waters of the Susquehanna River and the briny waters of the bay mingle and mix. Since my journey into Maryland several weeks back, I'd wanted to take Shelly to Havre De Grace since it looked so pretty from across the bay. We left the house around 11:30 (by car mind you), and so it was that we ended up in this quaint little town that wasn't at all what we expected.

We spent some time wandering around the shops in town and then ended up in an antique mall where there were too many neat things to count, including some old police motorcycle helmets. The floors in the old cannery that housed the mall were see-through in places and creaked and groaned with every step I took.  By the time we had perused the contents of half the upper story, I was nearly full on into a panic attack and quite ready to leave the building. So it was that we found ourselves in a lovely little used bookstore on Washington Street with a room filled to the ceiling with comic books as well as sci-fi and high fantasy novels.

The bay was lovely and we walked along the Promenade looking out at the boats cruising the dark waters. I would be remiss to not make mention of the Promenade Grille. The food was good enough, though my fish was a tad overdone and the ice-cream was slightly crystalized, but the French fries, oh my, those were fantastic. The adjoining pavilion provided a welcome escape from the sun while we ate our dinner and watched the boats on the bay and in the marina.

Today started out rainy, well, more of a mist really, but since it is the first Sunday of the month, I hopped on the Piaggio (which I am still trying to sell), and buzzed up the road to Ephrata where there were a number of folks and bikes already present, though the lot was not nearly full. Despite the mist clearing and the rain holding off until late afternoon, attendance was light. Perhaps fifty to sixty bikes and a few scooters came and went while I was there. A pair of Honda Reflexes can be seen in the photo above.

A gentleman rode up an a home-built trike-truck that I've seen there many times before. He talked with me about it for a while and from what he said, it seems he'd cobbled together parts of a Kawasaki cruiser with an engine from a 1970's Subaru. It was a bit rough, but all his. That's one of the things that makes the motorsports world so fascinating; you can have a bike bone stock if you're happy with that, or you can put together something that's completely your own one-of-a-kind creation.

I spent some time with the Christian Motorcycle Association folks who tend to be at the ride-ins. Their chaplain gave a little message that was largely about being thankful for veterans. I was disappointed that he really didn't get into any deep biblical teaching, but Bible College graduates weren't really his target audience.

After that short meeting I gawked a bit at a nearly pristine 1982 Yamaha XT250 dual sport, which was for sale. If I weren't tied down to the Piaggio, I might have had a bit more interest.

It seemed today was "Ride your Vintage Beemer Day" Several came and went while I was there, and I only got photos of a few of them. They were mostly in great condition though one looked like it had seen many miles in all sorts of weather. The other photos can be found below.

The weather held off long enough that I was able to tinker some more with the wiring of the LED's on the Honda, and now I sit at my kitchen table, watching the rain pelt down outside. I am thankful that it is coming now that the more pleasant pursuits of the weekend are past.

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