Monday, August 17, 2015

That time of year again

It's day-camp week at church again. This will be my third year teaching one of the fourth grade classes. It's a bit of work, but enjoyable. Children of that age are still so full of wonder. For most of them, at least here in the U.S., the world hasn't dumped on them too much yet and they still have an intact sense of youthful optimism.

Getting to the campground is a bit of a trek from home, at about 17 miles. To be honest, It got to the point on the Kymco where I would find excuses not to ride it to the camp, but with the Honda, I'm trying to find reasons for riding it, even though my wife is also going in her car. Perhaps this is due to the newness of the PCX, or perhaps it is just a testament to the comfort and capability of the scooter.

The PCX looked right at home parked next to the pastor's Elite 110.  It looks a bit meaner than the 110 though.

After camp was done for the day I had to run to Brownstown for a doctor's appointment. I was running a bit early, so I swung into K-Mart to see about getting some electrical tape. While there, I found a five outlet power station which will work nicely in the understorage of the scoot. It has two USB ports and three cigarette lighter ports. Now I just need to wire it in, which should be simple enough.

So, the week is off to a good start. My rear rack is in at the Honda dealer and they should have my windscreen soon as well. Here's to hoping.

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Joe said...

I look at that gravel "road" in your picture and I shudder. I avoid roads and parking areas like that all the time because I'm afraid that I'll just slide all around on the gravel and that a foot will scoot out from under me when I go to put it down at a stop. Any tips for riding over something like that without feeling like I'm walking on marbles?