Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Take the long way home...

A lot of ground was covered last week. If you'd like a rough map of where I went, you can find it here.

The route starts at "horseshoe road" and ends in "East Petersburg". I put in a good bit more than the miles listed though.

Here you can find a link to the route down "Adirondack Road"

Then there's the lovely stretch of route 895.

And For good measure, I've outlined route 23 in Massachusetts, starting at Stanley Park and heading down Western Avenue to route 20, then off up into the mountains on 23.

If you ever do make it to Westfield, Massachusetts, Stanley Park is a definite "must see."

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Joe said...

WOW! Until I saw that map I didn't really know how crazy you are - in a good way, of course! They're a LOT of miles on a scooter and a journey the likes of which I'll never make. I'm too much a worry wart in thinking about where I'd possibly get mechanic service on a scooter hundreds of miles from home if I needed it, what I'd do if it started to pour and rained for days, etc. My hat is off to you, Paul. And again... WOW!