Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Back to the beginning...

20 years ago, I graduated from Word of Life Bible Institute in Pottersville,  New York.  It was a one year intensive Bible program eqivalent (or perhaps a little more than that), to a four year Bible degree without the other subjects like math, science, literature,  and so on.

Anyway, I didn't always agree with the views of the professors or guest speakers, but I gained a lot from my time there and I think it was a key factor in the shaping of my adult self.

It was also the first place I ever rode a scooter.  Yeah, this is where it all began. It was a little Honda belonging to a guy in my dorm. I don't know if it was an Elite or an Aero or something else, but I remember it was chunky and square and only 50cc's. It also had character. The owner had lost the key, so we started it with a pair of aligator clips.

I remember a few rides clearly on that thing. It was fantastic, if a little scary since the roads here outside Schroon Lake have mostly 55 mph speed limits.

So I started my day this morning in the little Village of Bouckville,  NY. I'd slept poorly,  but the bed was hard and lumpy. Give it a moment.

Anyway, after rolling up my sleeping bag, taking the tent down and packing everything back on the scooter,  I popped back onto U.S. 20 and headed east to rt. 12 north.

Utica was a pretty easy ride,  though riding on anything wider than two lanes on the scoot at speeds over 40 mph always freaks me out. The Streak handled it better than I and by 7:30 we were well past Utica and in the mountains heading eastish toward Pottersville.  We made pretty good time and it took less than four hours to make the trip. 

I'll tell ya, as riding roads go, route 8, west of Warren county, is pretty sweet. At the Warren county line it turns into a minefield of bumps and lumps and poorly done asphalt patches. Even then there's a gem of a corner to be found, in the rare place where Frankenstein didn't feel he needed to pit stitching on his monster.

Well anyway, I arrived in Pottersville and went down memory lane a bit. I caught up some with the director of admissions and he showed me some of the changes on campus. Below you should find a photo of the dorm where I caught the scooter bug.

After visiting the old alma mater, I popped up to the town of Schroon Lake,  touched base with my brother and wandered around the town a bit.  I also enjoyed a nice lunch at a little restaurant in town,  Pitkins I think it is. 

After washing my clothes at the laundromat, I popped up around the top of Schroon Lake and found a gem. Yeah, a diamond in the roaugh really, but wow. Adirondack Road is amazing. It is a rider's dream of twists, turns, ups and downs. It's also a rider's nightmare of sand and uneven road surfaces. The folks who maintain the road seem to think filling potholes with sand equals road repair.  Even so, the road was excellent. 

I made my way back to Schroon lake and am now in a cabin on Word of Life Island. I helped out a bit with some painting they needed done, so they put me up for the night. Seems a fair bargain. Tonight the bed won't be so lumpy.

Today's photos are in order of the chronology of my tale from getting up to heading to bed.

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