Friday, September 7, 2012

Sad and Happy

I'm a little sad tonight. The last few days have been an exercise in patience, and dread, and hope, all at once.

The motorcycle shop called to say the damage was assessed at $859.75, and my concern was that this might be enough to total the scooter, depending on what the adjuster decided. So...I started to look reluctantly at my replacement options.

I was rather excited at the prospect of a small bike like the Suzuki TU-250, or a Kymco Like 200i. Honestly, I like the Suzuki just a bit more, but then I got a bit of happy news.

They didn't total the scooter and she'll end up with all new plastics over most of the body. I am so relieved. I don't have the cash on hand for a new bike, and I didn't really want one. I like my scooter. We've become quite comfortable with each other and know each other's idiosyncrasies. It's a little like an old shirt that has a few holes in it, but it's just so comfortable you can't bear to part with it.

Now I just need to get my Honda running again (I haven't had the cash to keep it on the road, but it only really needs a carb cleaning and an oil change, and maybe a little polish here and there), and get my truck fixed before winter (also not running at the moment).

Let's just hope I don't park in front of any more inebriated motorists.

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kz1000st said...

NO CARB CLEANING!!!!! Crabs are never the same after they've been eviscerated. Just dump Seafoam in the gas tank(One ounce per gallon) and run the bike for several miles. The ethanol glob myth is highly overrated. It might run ratty for a while but it will clean up without intervention. Carbs are like poison ivy. You leave them alone, they'll leave you alone.