Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sad songs

Music has power over the mind. There are songs that move the heart and songs that stir the soul. Music can be happy, sad, angry, melancholy, moody, or engender any feeling in between.

I went to visit an ailing friend today. A man of music. He has rubbed shoulders with the greats of the musical world, yet despite this he told me "there's a difference between knowing people and knowing people." (or something very close). I think his meaning was, you can know a lot of people, but it's the folks upon whom we have an impact (or who have an impact on us) who really matter.

His is a sad song at the moment, but with bright notes. Even in his ailing state, he was willing to give this young musician some guitar playing pointers.

Lee, my friend, you've had an impact on me, and I appreciate it.

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Lee said...

You're very welcome, Paul. It's fun to see people's eyes light up when I show them a little trick here and there.
There are many ways to make music sound really good, and I just threw in some things that you can expand on. Just keep moving those fingers around to different places within the same basic location and you will find the music inside you.