Monday, October 15, 2012

Deep thoughts, politics and such.

I haven't had much time to write due to my work schedule over the last month. My scooter still needs to be fixed but it runs, and I still haven't had the time to do anything about the Sabre or my truck.

More on my mind of late has been my feeling about politics. This is my opinion, and my venue. If you're offended by my opinion, you don't have to read it. (insert goofy smiley emote here)

The buzz in the news today seems to be all about who will "win" the debate tomorrow night. Technically, we won't know who won the debate until November 6th, but while I personally hope for nothing less than a landslide loss for our current president, I've been burned too many times to become excited about an election. I'll vote on November 6, and leave it in God's hands because ultimately, He's the one who puts men (or women) into political power and His will is going to be accomplished despite the best efforts of mankind to try to circumvent it.

And that is the crux of my opinion. I won't cite specific Bible passages, but the Scriptures are pretty clear about who controls the future and who puts men and women into power in government. You may disagree, and that's fine, but in the end, my faith tells me that God is in control and know what He is doing.

I need to be willing to accept His will, even when I do not like it, and move on and live the way the Bible teaches that I should, loving my fellow travelers on this ball of rock and giving Glory and praise to God, regardless of my personal feelings on a matter.


kz1000st said...

I know you won't print it but if Romney wins I'll be writing you constantly to laugh as the country slides even deeper into economic chaos. Romney will do nothing but blame the previous administration as one by one his "Four Year Plans" fail. I'll say this to you with no fear of return correspondence. 1) It took Franklin Roosevelt 10 years and a world war to bring this country back from the depression, not 4 years. I don't expect ignorant Americans to remember that. 2) Every time somebody knocks the President all they really mean is "We don't want no Darkies in the White House". I won't hesitate to point it out on every forum when Romney fails.

Paul said...

See the next blog entry for my reply.