Sunday, July 17, 2016

It's not nearly as easy as you'd think.

The whole moto-scooto-vlogging thing is not as easy as it looks. Yeah, ok, you're yackin' away and shooting video and it's all good, then you have to pick and choose what you want to include in the final product, then your video editor takes a crap, then you've got enough video but not too much. It's just a bit crazy.

I'm shooting for ten to fifteen minutes on the final product, but that's not always possible. I did get about 40 minutes down to 22 on the last one. Today's video was even better. There is so much from which to pick and choose that it makes the process take quite a while, but so far I've been happy with the outcome.

Despite the complications, it's been fun. I get to meet people, chat with folks, and the reactions I get on camera can be priceless. I've also managed to fine tune the camera setup a bit.

Hopefully along the way I convince a few people that scooters are awesome.


kz1000st said...

Don't get me wrong, scooters are cool. I've been shlepping from my house to Danbury, Connecticut several times at 300 miles round trip. BUT, when I need a dose of awesome I take out the 750 Kawasaki. Despite being 33 years old and 42,000 miles it flat hauls. Gets half the gas mileage of the 250 scooter but horsepower will do that.

Oh, and on a side note. Let go of the son stories. You did your best and HE failed. Proclaiming your innocence around the web isn't necessary.

Scootin' Fool said...

It's cathartic more than anything. Not looking for sympathy in any way, just talking it through. I almost left it out of the vlog, but decided to leave it after all.

I also like big bikes at times, and have looked at a few here and there with low mileage and such, but I come back to liking the relaxed joy of scooterdom. We all like what we like. :D