Saturday, May 28, 2016

Come ride with me!

No alarm sounded this morning, but the late May sun shone invitingly through the bedroom window. Recollection came in the form of a smart phone calendar reminder that today was the monthly meeting of the "Glory Road Riders" chapter of the Christian Motorcycle Association, based out of eastern Lancaster County.

Since I was awake, I figured I'd go to the meeting and see what was what. When I got there, the chapter's chaplain was just starting a brief message, so I took a seat. It was the first time I'd ever heard anyone compare the body of Christ, the Church, to a club sandwich. Sure, the analogy made sense, but it was...well, different. He had a good point in that those who believe in Jesus Christ are all different but each are part of the same Church. The Apostle Paul wrote about teachings that are like milk or meat, and at which stages of spiritual development each is appropriate. In this case, the message was very well suited to a younger believer, though a more mature Christ follower could chuckle at the imagery.

After the message, they went through their meeting and afterward I asked about membership and was told they would get a DVD packet to me. To be honest, I'm not much of a joiner. I don't tend to join groups because there's always that one bad apple that makes the whole group look bad, whether it's due to drama or just comportment. The folks in the Glory Road chapter all seem to be pretty stand-up folks, but you never know what could happen. There's also the matter of having enough time to be involved with the various activities and rides. Right now, I have one day out of the week available for whatever, and that's not enough to devote to a club.

Since there was no group ride planned after the meeting, I went back home the long way, then my wife and I went shopping for the group home where I work. She was tired after that so she took a nap and I went for a ride. I've put together a video of my adventure, with narration which can be found below.

As noted in the video, my new Cheeky Seats seat cover held up very well and has drastically improved the seat from a less than 30 minute seat to a 3 hour + seat. It's well worth mentioning that this is a 500% increase in ride comfort. That's just astounding.

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