Friday, November 20, 2015

River Ride

Last week was a bit more relaxed, due to some time off from work. School still progressed as normal in the mornings, but there was no need to be anywhere after. This led to opportunities to ride off the beaten path.

The Susquehanna River flows along the northeast edge of York county. Some of the river's edge is  inaccessible due to the way the landscape or roads closed to public use. Those roads that are accessible vary in quality, but the view, oh that is worth dealing with a few potholes.

As rivers go, the Susquehanna is fairly wide, and over a mile across in places. It's not the Mississippi,  nor the Hudson, but it's lovely and dotted with rocks and islands. If one pays attention, the river has a fair population of bald eagles. They can often be seen soaring high above, riding the air currents from the water below.

The PCX passed under the spreading branches of trees having shed their autumn splendor, the putter of its engine beating a mild staccato against the sound of flowing water. Fallen leaves blew into its wake, in a gold and amber wave.

The river road eventually ended with a big sign marked "Private Drive," but a bit of back-tracking found a track leading up out of the river valley and back into the countryside, then on toward the main roads and back across the river into Lancaster County.

Finding an idyllic locale for a leisurely ride takes little effort. All one needs is a vehicle and a little bit of time. Scooters and motorbikes are ideal for this kind of escape. There is nothing between the rider and the elements to detract from the overall experience. Even at this time of year when the temperatures are cooler, riding through the halls of nature is freeing and invigorating.

Sometimes it's just nice to go out and live.


Thanks to all my loyal readers for giving me a reason to write. I've really enjoyed it over the years. I will continue to write and hope to eventually turn this hobby into a career. Some of you may have noticed that there is a link to my GoFundMe page in the right sidebar of this blog. If you are so inclined, any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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kz1000st said...

It's amazing how wide the Susquehanna River gets down south in Pa. Up here in Delaware County where it first starts out it's less than 100 feet wide until it gets into the area of Great Bend, Pa. From there it acquires much more width as it flows North and West for a longtime. The Delaware River down the street is much the same until the East and West Branches join in Hancock, NY. Thin streams that become much more later on.