Saturday, August 17, 2013

Good weather for scootin.

This week I said a sad farewell to my truck and the Honda Sabre. Thankfully they are both in good hands. I sold them both to a friend from high-school who is a talented mechanic and is going to get them both back into fighting trim. He told me he wants to cafe the Honda, which is cool because I'd had that idea for it when I originally got it, but never had the money to sink into it.

This week was a great one for riding. My church held our annual Day Camp and Teen Week, and as always, I rode the scoot to camp when I could. Monday, I took the truck because I needed to transport some things which would not have fared well in the crate. Tuesday, It was very very wet in the morning, so the scoot stayed home, but the rest of the week was lovely.

On Wednesday and Thursday, I was able to ride with my pastor and best friend. He just got a brand new 2010 Elite 110 with a total of 2 miles on the clock when he rolled it off the dealer's lot into his truck, so we had to ride together. His 2008 Wildfire will go to my son as a beginner street bike. Yes, it still runs. He had a mechanic fix the issue with the snapping belts.

The Elite is an amazing machine. It is only a 108cc scooter, but at times I had trouble keeping up with it. It saddens me that they sold so poorly. Lancaster Honda still has two of them in their showroom.

So we had two Hondas, riding in tandem. One a true Honda with all the right badges, and one a Honda knock-off, built by a great little company from Tiawan.

I look forward to more rides in the future.


kz1000st said...

The Elite didn't sell for the same reason the SH-150i didn't sell. Too much money for not enough scooter.

Paul said...

I'm not sure I agree on that with the elite. It was well priced and around the same price as similar machines from other makers. The SH-150 was definitely overpriced, but I don't think the Elite was all that bad.