Saturday, November 7, 2009

Chilly days are upon us

But I'm still riding, are you?

This morning when I went out to my scooter, it was covered by a thick layer of frost. Thankfully my windshield is low enough that its height does not require it to be defrosted.

My ride in to work this morning was very cold and the scooter was a bit hesitant at first. After warming up for a bit, she did just fine.

I went out on the Sabre after I arrived at home and while it was brisk, it was very enjoyable. The leaves have all turned and many are no longer on the trees. It was all I could do to restrain myself from blasting through the piles of leaves on the roadside.

Winter will soon be here. It is shaping up to be long and cold.


kz1000st said...

Buy a windshield for the Sabre from these guys:

I don't know if they're kidding or not but they say "call-$139.99"
I had a Plexifairing on the Big Z-will put the shield on your scooter to shame. You'll be riding to Massachusetts just for laughs. Cold, what cold?? Seriously Paul. I'm not joking.

Paul said...

For my bike it's listed as $175. That's not bad at all.