Saturday, September 19, 2009

East Pete Day 2009 report

Well, today was the annual East Petersburg Day festival. East Petersburg, the town I reside in, is a small borough in Lancaster County, PA. It's a small town, which means there is that small town charm which comes out at festivals such as today's.

I met Gerry From Scoot Lancaster at the Prince Street Garage in Lancaster this morning. We rode in to East Pete and parked our scooters along the edge of Pine Street. We watched the parade from Broad street, then wandered down to the basketball court where a group of folks with Ruckii had shown up. There was also a nicely painted turquoise met and a silver Vino.

Soon, a gentleman on a Harley chopper showed up as well. I decided to show my Honda since it is technically a classic. I cleaned it up a little bit, then ran it over to the show area on the basketball court. After paying my entry fee, I parked my cycle and wandered up onto the festival grounds in the park. My wife and I enjoyed some fair food. She had a funnel cake and I had a Sausage sandwich from the Lions club's stand. I also had some fried oreos and we wandered around to look at the various stands.

All in all, it was a beautiful day for it. The sun was shining and there was no cloud in the sky. My wife left for a hair appointment and I laid in the grass and took a nap in the shade. I haven't done that in years and it was quite refreshing.

Around 2:30 or so, I found my son in the crowd and we went for a short ride before returning home.

Tonight, there was a fireworks display to finish off the day. It was simple, but nice just the same. Since my home is not far from the park, we were able to watch the display from our back porch.

I'm looking forward to next year's event. I'm thinking I will work on trying to put a coinciding scooter event together a bit earlier so as to avoid the last minute rush.


kz1000st said...

It's funny how time passes with Motorcycles. My brother has my Kawasaki that I bought in 1980, still looking as good as ever. It needs some engine work and I hope he does it. An old warrior like that deserves to keep going.
My own bike is now nine years old, ten when you consider that the 2010 models are now in production. It seems like only yesterday when I bought it as a two year old with a scant 2,000 miles on it at a bargain price for what it was. I am slightly envious of your choice though. A shaft drive is incredibly convenient. No chain, sprockets, variators, clutches, belts. Just change the rear end oil once very blue moon and you're on way.
And that engine, it is a Classic, oh my yes, Cruiser, Standard, Superbike. It did it all.

Lee said...

It might be a good idea to come to one of our meetings or contact our fearless leader. Next year, we are going to expand the car show and adding scooters along with motorcycles might just be the touch we need.
We meet monthly, and even though you would only be involved with one area, you might find something else you want to contribute.
I was glad you got there to see it. I got home around 11pm after a very successful day. Oh, and I improved my "farmer's" tan and even added some sunburn to my neck!

bobskoot said...


You've got the perfect stable. Each machine has its intended purpose. As you get more familiar with the Honda, shifting will become second nature. You will eventually enjoy it.
In the meantime, slow and steady wins the race

bobskoot: wet coast scootin