Sunday, April 24, 2016

Maggie goes for a ride

It's a beautiful day in spring; a perfect day for a ride. Maggie was so excited when I said "ride." She danced around and around, then jumped on the back of the sofa so she could go in her travel pouch.

I wanted to try out the Piaggio since it's almost completely fixed up, but I still haven't got insurance or a plate on it, so that wasn't an option. That's a task for tomorrow.

So Maggie and I took the PCX. Maggie enjoyed the ride, but every time we stopped at a light, she tried to take her doggles off. The original plan was to try for Maryland so I could add another state to my "states visited on a scooter" list. Since Maggie was getting fidgety, it seemed prudent to keep the ride local, so we went to Lancaster County Central Park instead and took a walk in the Garden of the five senses.

Maggie loved her walk. She said hello to others walking in the park and tried to play with another small dog that was terrified of her. She's only ten pounds herself, so the scene was hilarious. .

After her little walk, Maggie and I returned to the PCX and rode home through Lancaster City. The trees are in bloom and the sun was bright. Pedestrians and the occupants of other vehicles chuckled and pointed at Maggie. She would put her paws on my arm and strain forward into the wind.

Riding alone is ok. There's something to be said for the solitude, but having a riding buddy, even one that is not human, makes the time that much more special.

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