Saturday, January 24, 2015

Those old forgotten roads

I used to hate driving. Nearly seven years ago, a little red scooter offered an alternative. Five months later, a silver Kymco added more joy to the idea of vehicular excursions. Riding a scooter was unlike driving any car I'd ever sat in. That's changed a bit. Turns out I was driving the wrong cars.

A vehicle that hugs the road is loads of fun. A pleasant interior, good suspension, and a decent power to weight ratio makes a world of difference.

Then there's the roads.

Roads make the ride. If the vehicle isn't up to the challenge, the ride won't be much to talk about. Leaning into a corner on a bike, or feeling the g's as centrifugal force battles with the grip of the tires over possession of one's spine in a good car, the feel of flying down arbor arched first lanes, the excitement of whirring along between fields on a snaking farm path. All the perfect road needs is the perfect ride. I now know this can come in both two and four wheeled varieties.

Often, my work days come as split-shifts with a five hour window between. Days like today give opportunity to hit the unpopulated asphalt capillaries between the major arteries used by the bored masses in their humdrum voyage from A to B. Lower fuel prices make it more affordable to indulge in some wandering and G-forces; the fully repaired suspension hugging tight to the road surface, and a light breeze sneaking in through the sunroof.

Something about those roads. Those who have taken the road less traveled in a good car or on a bike or scooter know, they know and they look for every opportunity to take it.


Robert Wilson said...

Funny thing is that I love to drive. For years I had a job where I drove from work site to work site in an old standard transmission truck. Now about the only joy I get is when I'm out riding my bike.

Automatics on the freeway just don't cut it.

kz1000st said...

I used to hate long drives too. Then I bought a car with cruise control. Just watch, steer and let the computer do the hard work.

BWBandy said...

I stumbled across your site and have been browsing through your posts. Interesting posts. I have a Suzuki Burgman and I have been blogging about the experience as well.

Paul Smith said...

Thanks for the comments folks. And thanks for reading. :)