Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Crate Escape

The humble milk crate: it is an unassuming piece of molded plastic, but it has been the friend of motorcyclists for decades. It is lightweight, yet has plenty of space for a multitude of items, from groceries, to baggage, to jackets, etc..

The crate on the silver streak is technically a storage crate since milk crates can sometimes draw the ire of bored lawmen, but it serves the same purpose and does it long as I'm careful what I put in it.

Earlier this week, my wife was ill and needed an over-the-counter medication, so I scooted up to CVS, bought a small box of the pills she needed, threw the bag in the crate and headed home, only to find the crate empty upon arrival.

Retracing my route, the bag containing the medicine was nowhere to be found, so it was that another box of medication was purchased, which went under the seat.

Crates are wonderful, to a point. I'll be careful what I put in mine in the future.


Deb said...

Yep! They are certainly versatile items to have around for scooters and just about everything else!

Robert Wilson said...

I remember in college I had a whole wall of "storage crates" liberated from the local grocery store. Served well for books, knick knacks, beer cans...well, it was college after all.