Sunday, April 15, 2012

Moving pavement

I love night riding as a general rule. Yes, it is even more dangerous than riding in daylight, but I think that's part of the draw. Tonight, whilst returning home from work at 11 pm, I discovered one of the many perils a night rider might at some point face.

I was traveling down a stretch of 25 mph suburban roadway, approaching a stop sign. About 15 feet from the stop line, a patch of the center line seemed to detach itself and head into my path. in the first millisecond I thought "what the heck." My next thought was oh, "it's another cat," as I had just seen a feline cross the road a quarter mile back. That thought was quickly followed by "OH CRAP!" as I counter steered to miss the wandering polecat.

As I passed within two feet of the pungent little bugger, I could see him turn as if to load both barrels.

Yes...I blew that stop sign.

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