Thursday, March 8, 2012

Who knew?

Motorcycle and scooter repairs and maintenance can seem daunting at times. When it comes down to brass tacks, they aren't as bad as they seem on the surface.

Hopefully one doesn't run over any brass tacks while riding either.

As mentioned in the previous posting here, there was a little excitement when the Kymco's brakes gave out on an excursion in the middle of February. As per the suggestion of my mechanic friend and the folks at Trans-Am, new brake fluid was purchased and the job of emptying and refilling the brake system commenced. A total of five screws needed to be removed (three from the plastic cowling covering the handlbars, and two from the brake fluid reservoir), a tube was placed on the bleeding valve (fish tank tubing worked fine with a little stretching), and the valve was opened.

After some vigorous pumping of the brake lever, the old fluid (a deep amber color like a better beer, but I wouldn't want to drink it) emptied into the catch pan, and new fluid was poured into the reservoir and pumped through until there were no more bubbles coming out the other end. The reservoir cap was replaced and the brakes now work as they are supposed to.

Now my truck sits in the driveway looking forlorn while I once again motor back and forth to work on two wheels...steering clear of any brass tacks.


kz1000st said...

And how is the Sabre doing?

Rita Tomassetti said...

Hi Paul! I stumbled across this blog googling information on mopeds. I'm saving up to buy one, I live in Lancaster also, but have been wondering about parking it without having to worry wether someone is going to steal it or not. Do you use a chain? Or a cover? What would you recommend? Have you ever parked at park city mall?
Thanks! and God bless you!

Paul said...

KZ, the Sabre took a nap over the winter, but will be coming out of hibernation within the next month.

Paul said...

Rita, thank you for reading. :D

Bear in mind that scooters and mopeds are not the same thing. Mopeds have pedals, like a bicycle, scooters do not. Whether you ride a scooter or a moped, theft is certainly a concern since the bikes are light and easily picked up. The safest place to keep a scooter, moped, or motorbike is inside. If this is impossible, a chain or combination of chain and cover can is an option, but not a guarantee. Yes, I have parked at Park City and I chain it up to one of the bike racks when I go there.

The best suggestion I can give you is that if you live in a heavily populated area where theft is a high possibility, include theft insurance in your insurance policy, and park in a place where you can see the scooter, or, again, if you can keep it inside, that's your safest bet.

Paul said...
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Rita Tomassetti said...

Thanks for the clarification! I'm definitely getting a scooter not a moped :P It kind of is impossible for me to keep it inside, I live on the 2nd floor. So i might just get the chain and cover and get theft insurance.
There's not a whole lot of crime here where I live..just right outside the ciy, but I do live by a busy road.
Thanks again! :)

Paul said...

ahh, good. Well, even so, I suggest that if you can, you should park it in a place where it cannot be seen from the street, but where it can be seen from your residence. If you have a back yard, that would be best.

No theft deterrent is going to stop a determined thief, but you can at least slow them down a bit and make them look for an easier target.