Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Life's continuing journey

Nissan (pretty sure it was them), had an ad campaign more than a decade ago that featured an Asian man and a small dog (pretty certain it was a Jack Russell), of which the theme was "life is a journey, enjoy the ride." It seems too profound for a car commercial, and the deep wisdom is there, regardless of it's original purpose.

Life's journey takes us many places that we don't necessarily wish to travel. When riding a scooter or motorbike, it's a bit more enjoyable, but for the most part, life's journey doesn't always take us through the fun twists and turns of mountain roads, but rather through the heartache and frustration of urban traffic.

When a family member has a chronic illness, or a child makes ill advised choices or a parent (or other loved one) passes away, these, among other experiences, test our mettle, resolve and integrity.

Sometimes faith is the source from which we draw our strength. Sometimes it is family. Others may look to distracting pursuits (anything from food, to sports, to video games, to television, or whatever), as a coping mechanism. Some of us look to a combination of these and may have other ways of dealing with stress.

These times of heartache are always rough...I wish life were easier.


Ed said...

Hey man, just wanted to tell you I have appreciated your blog. I have read most of it. Would you still recommend the people 150? I know you have enjoyed it just wanted to see after several years of ownership you still felt the same about it. Thanks

Paul said...

I still have my P150. It's a great machine. I have over 14,000 miles on it. I've kept the oil changed regularly, done other basic maintenance, and taken care of it as well as I can. It's still working great with no sign of stopping.

kz1000st said...

"It's a great machine. I have over 14,000 miles on it."

How did you put it three years ago? Not Vespa quality? It seems to me that you're doing real well with it. Isn't it amazing how time uncovers that "Mystique" is just a fancy word for overpriced. I'm willing to bet that 50,000 miles and no rebuilds are more than possible on your Kymco.