Saturday, September 24, 2011

Strumming along

It may be an odd sight to see, but residents of East Petersburg and parts of manheim township may be starting to become accustomed to the sight of a guy on a scooter with a guitar case on his back.

As mentioned previously, I took up the guitar again a few months back. It often accompanies me to work, though I have yet to get up the nerve to take it to any parks to play. The gentlemen at the group home enjoy music of any sort, no matter how poorly played it may be, so there have been plenty of opportunities to practice.

This year, during Teen Week (my church's week of teen "camp") I had my first opportunity to play in front of a real audience. I played my harmonica as well and it was less challenging than I originally feared.

Last week, a capo and some fingernail picks were added to my inventory. I find the capo to be a little odd. I don't like how it seems to stifle the fullness of the instrument's sound, but it opens up a huge range of songs.

The fingernail picks are nice. I was playing without a pick, but since I'm a nailbiter (I know, bad habit, blah blah blah), it becomes uncomfortable after a while. Regular picks are hard to hold onto and seem to enjoy flying out of my hand, so the fingernail pick is very nice.

So the scooting guitarist rides again. Who knows, one day he might get up the nerve to play in a park, or on a sidewalk in the city. We shall see...

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