Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Riding around with the wind in my face

Sunday morning dawned, and my wife awoke with a stomach bug. I had intended to go to the Ephrata Ride-in, but had to get my son to Sunday School. We rode the Sabre to Church and had a decent time of it. My son went to his class and I to mine, and it was pretty good, until I started to feel something stirring within my innards, and not in a good way (which would be pretty weird in church anyway). So, after Sunday school, we headed home so I could join my wife in sickbay...so to speak.

On the way home, the kid wanted to run by the ride-in to see the bikes. So, despite my discomfort, we popped through.

I handed the boy my camera and he was able to take a couple clear shots. It was 10:30 by the time we got there, and overcast, and there weren't very many bikes present. I'm not sure whether it was the time, or the weather, or a combination of the two. We passed a fair amount of riders leaving when we were going in, and about the same amount going in as we were leaving.

On the way home, I got lost a bit on the backroads between Ephrata and Manheim. I was a bit worried, but was able to hold myself together. It's one of those times I'm very thankful my Sabre is a smooth ride and that I don't own a Harley Vibro-Glide.

Our Bunny is growing bigger by the day. We found a bit of fencing at Pet-Smart so we let her hop around outside (with supervision). I'll eventually build her a hutch so she can be outside without supervision, but I'm not going to leave her alone in an enclosure she could hop out of or from which a predator could get her.

So life continues unabated. The scooter and the Sabre continue to be reliable transportation, and with gas prices continuing to bop up and down, I'm happy for their judicious fuel economy. Next week is camp week at Church, so I'll be putting back and forth to Woodcrest retreat on the scoot, and gritting my teeth on those bad roads at the campground.


kz1000st said...

You do know that the Blue motorcycle is a 1968 YR-3 Yamaha 350? Yup, a 43 year old two stroke. It's a testament to the Japanese that they can build bikes that endure. Of course your Sabre is no slouch. It's coming up on 30 years itself.

Paul said...

Yep, it's a Yammy. I wasn't certain on the year, though I was guessing 60's due to the styling. Those old bikes run and run with the right upkeep.

Lee said...

Hi Paul!
I saw 4/ 50cc scooters this afternoon, trying to get across route 30 just west of 772. They were heading back to the place where they rent them (heading North).
They had the whole eastbound side blocked so they could cut across traffic. I'm glad they were there as a group, otherwise, I might have been looking at a disaster.
The guy that rents the scooters mostly uses Yamaha Zumas, and has now gotten wise enough to paint "rental" on the side of them. BTW, no helmets.