Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Kymco strikes again!

Ok, if Jerry at ScootLancaster can be Vespa-centric, I can be Honda and Kymco-Centric.

While browsing through the Urbanscootin' forums, I came across a thread started by the poster known as Metronid, with a link to an article regarding upcoming changes to the Kymco lineup.

There has been some buzz about these upcoming scooters for some time in the scooter-blogosphere, but this information is a little more up to date than what I had seen before.

They give some good information on the Downtown 300i, but nothing on the Like 200. It will be interesting to see whether the Like 200 is a true 200 or just another 150-180cc branded falsely as a 200. I'd really like to see a 19hp+ scooter with a 199cc+ engine. That might be hoping for too much.

If the Yager 200i is any indication, the Like 200, may still miss that mark. The Yager 200i has only a 174.5cc powerplant...which is still better than the People S 200's 163cc's, but is not truly a 200cc. At 16hp, it's just barely highway capable, which is impressive by itself, but something bearing the 200cc moniker should have an engine that at least approaches 200cc. Call me a perfectionist if you like.

Unfortunately, I could not find more information on the web about the Like 200 (or 200i perhaps), so I called Kymco USA directly and spoke to one of their representatives. Unfortunately, again, she had no information on the Like 200, but refered me to Kymco's main website (which had no info), and their marketing department (whom I emailed).

So, for now, I shall have to content myself with secondhand information, which is rather frustrating.


cpa3485 said...

I have to admit that I proudly own one of those 200 wannabes. My SYM HD 200 is actually 171 cc. SYM's RV 250 is actually more like 225 cc and their 300 is more like 265 cc, so SYM is definately guilty of the rounding up game.
Ironically, I used to own a BMW 633 csi and it was supposed to be 3.3 liters, but was actually more like 3,235 cc, so auto makers play the game too.

kz1000st said...

It's encouraging that new models are coming out from all the major manufacturers. It shows that they're still interested. Kymco could have built a better or bigger Venox and possibly sold more units.

bobskoot said...


I also dislike the fact that scooter engines are "optimistic" in their designation. Even the new Vespa GTS super is only 163cc. I believe that the new Downtown 300i is actually what it says, around 298cc

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

Orin said...

Y'know, Mercedes-Benz and BMW do the same thing—the "3.0-liter" V6 in the C-Class actually displaces 2,996cc. But C29960 is a little unwieldy, so they call it a C300 instead.

In the case of scooters and motorcycles, the number is much more about market segment than displacement. Also, where there are limits based on displacement (mostly found in Europe), you want to be a little short, e.g., in WA and OR you need a motorcycle endorsement if the engine in your bike is 50cc or larger, so the 50 bikes are really 49.something.

Then too, if you come out with a something-or-other 278 Super, one of your competitors will come out with a 279, and so on, and so on, and so on...

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